a mirage is an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions or for most of us it is more commonly the unrealistic hope or wish that cannot be achieved.

As people, women especially we often look at each other and see the mirage of who we think they are. We create an illusion of their whole life and compare ourselves to them and believe that we will never be as happy, pretty, smart, perfect, funny or loved as they are (the list of could go on and on).

Often we feel as though no one could understand, what has happened or is happening in our life. That we are alone in the struggle to find our worth and that the mirages we see of others are real. Rarely thinking for a moment that what we are seeing is just one of the many, ups and downs in their life. And once we see past the mirage we discover that everyone has a story and some may even be similar to our own. This knowledge can often change our lives as well as the lives of those around us.

With that we at W.O.W decided to change the way we see mirages, as although they are often beautiful they are still an illusion. We wanted to discover and share the real journey’s people take in discovering their own self-worth. With this in mind our team wrote down the common traits we believe are worthy of all women and used these words below as our inspiration:

With this and a lot of hard work we created the first edition of the Women of Worth Magazine mirages.

Where inside you will find powerful struggles and triumphs, creative passions, heartbreaking loss, superhuman strength, unbelievable kindness and courage, artistic talents, and witty words, all inspirational and all worthy.

From here we decided to create this online magazine, where we could continue to share inspirational stories of people and their journey of life and worthiness. With the hope that all who read these stories will be inspired and empowered to change their life and discover their own self-worth as we at Women of Worth Australia believe that one story can change a life.

Women of Worth Australia Foundation Incorporated

Women of Worth Australia Foundation Incorporated is a not-for-profit dedicated to changing the lives of women in our community.

W.O.W’s mission:

  • Educating women within the community via self-worth programs.
  • Promote and encourage women to be self-reliant and rational, with the ability to make independent decisions to change their life
  • Provide awareness through the mentoring of women who have experienced domestic violence – either physically or emotionally – and in addition to substance abuse, grief or significant life events.
  • Provide encouragement for women to become entrepreneurs and in addition to assist them from welfare to work.
  • Promote self development and self-discovery.

For more on Women of Worth Australia please visit www.womenofworthaustralia.com.au