february 2017 finalists

Feb 20, 2017 | monthly writing competition | 0 comments

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No Way Back

by Alexandria Cook
(MWC – Feb 2017 Finalist)

Suddenly, without warning the ground beneath Sabrina’s feet started to give way
and she felt herself sinking into the swampy ground. 

There would be no going back or forward for Sabrina that day or any other day
and as the earth crumbled beneath her she desperately tried to stay upright.

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The Unexpected Visitor

by Stephanie Russell
(MWC – Feb 2017 Finalist)

John, a bitter and resentful recluse, has an unexpected visitor.

At first John isn’t keen to have anything to do with the woman,
but there’s something strange about her, something almost familiar.
They chat over tea, and the clues gradually fall into place.

A story of hate, rebirth, and love.

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