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by Stephanie Russell
(MWC – Jan 2017 Finalist)

It is the morning after a transgender female has facial feminising surgery.

Never the best time if all you want is to look gorgeous.

The wife comes to visit and together
they confront what has happened to that face she loved.

Vote     30

The Student & The Pensioner

by Alexandria Cook
(MWC – Jan 2017 Finalist)

The Student and the Pensioner is a heart warming account
of how two people who would never normally meet
find each other under the most unlikely circumstances.

The quirky tale could take place in any town where people are
surviving on limited incomes and
dealing with social isolation and loneliness.

Vote  17

Multipurpose Cutlery

by Jania Williams
(MWC – Jan 2017 Finalist)

Freya has had enough of being treated badly.

One day she finds the strength to fight back.

She decides that she is worthy
of better things – a better life and she proves it.

Vote   35