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words by Chrissy Buchalka | photo Chrissy’s own | Dec 19, 2016 |  mindful

There is still a stigma amongst us that depression is just a case of the sads’ and an excuse so others may have pity on those that suffer. This social decree makes it much harder for those experiencing the deliberating disease, misleading them into thinking twice about their condition and rights to receive necessary treatment. For one mother of four, this certainly wasn’t the case. Chrissy Buchalka who had experienced depression previously in her life, felt something wrong when changes occurred at work and knew it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Chrissy appeared to be a strong and independent woman, she was the primary money earner for her family and had years of study and accomplishments behind her, backing a much celebrated and rewarding career. Chrissy’s partner Neil worked part time and was a modern day ‘house husband’, things worked well and from the outside, they were the perfect family. That is, until depression took hold and began turning and deep, dark, black hole that was pulling Chrissy away.

Things at home gradually became worse, fighting and anger was becoming a normal method of communication and Chrissy’s relationship with her partner was spiraling downward. The much loved job that Chrissy once enjoyed had become meaningless, finding herself falling behind because her usual loving nature was being abused and mistreated by others. The once powerful and able woman was now crying all the time uncontrollably and her self-esteem and confidence was diminishing by the day.

Fortunate for her, Chrissy saw these signs and was familiar with the internal battle that depression brings with it. Getting to a point where life was just not worth living started to become an option, even though she understood what was happening to her body, the struggle to live was still real. Realising, however, that work had a huge impact, she and her family decided that perhaps it was time to move on. It took two and a half years since the business she worked for was sold to finally make the move. During this period, the changes that occurred at work continued to add to the ever growing void that was being made in Chrissy’s life. It was now or never.

Chrissy had been on medication for depression before and was happy to have this treatment once more, but only to help her feel somewhat ‘normal’ again. She didn’t want to become reliant on the drug and was determined to work on healing herself in other ways too. Four months on after leaving her job and spending a lot of time resting and allowing her body to recover, Chrissy began seeing the light again. Neil had started a business and their relationship was back on track. At this point, the zest for life returned and Chrissy started searching for something new to stimulate and challenge her.

Chrissy had grown up with a mother who was and still is highly intuitive and has a very strong spiritual connection. It was not uncommon to have regular meditation groups at home and have clients frequenting the house for readings and healings. Chrissy, being the stubborn and independent person that she was, didn’t necessarily want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. In all honesty she thought that everybody was able to do what her mother did and intern what she could do, leading her to feel a little skeptical about what appeared to be so special and different.

Feeling she needed to start somewhere, Chrissy looked to the things she enjoyed. Essential oils and scents were high on her list of interests. Exploring these options more at different events and expos, she found a dislike for almost everything that was already on the market. Having the confidence back now, she decided to try and make her own. Using meditation, Chrissy turned to the universe for guidance and accepted that perhaps yes she did have some form of ability to connect with spirit much like her mother.

It was around the age of 40 when all this happened and she admits that she was overwhelmed with the responses she felt and was shown from her spiritual guides. She acquired what she calls her ‘bible’, which list thousands of different ingredients that can be used to make oils and scents. Not knowing where to really start and what to add together she asked the spirit world for help. Chrissy learnt to ‘listen’ to her intuition, this was their way of breaking through, to get her to notice them and heed their advice. As she learnt to trust the answers she was given, more was returned by the universe and so grew a range of essential oils that are all unique to Chrissy and her now business of Happy Healing.

Each oil has a specific vibrational energy that connects with the different chakras that align our inner being. Fragrances individually designed to resonate with what we are lacking in our bodies in order to balance and reconnect our soul connections.

From this, Chrissy had the assurance and the motivation to explore further into the universal forces that surround us. Now off medication, the elation she received from people experiencing the benefits of her oils and of the feelings she felt from meditation and self-healing, gave her more strength and happiness than she had ever experienced. This amazing feeling is what motivated Chrissy to develop more, so she could help others to feel this way also.

she said. With the help of her mother, Chrissy began meditation groups from home and developed workshops so that others too, can tap into their divine light. Word spread and actions spoke louder than words providing Chrissy with an influx of people interested in ‘alternative healing’. This provoked the thought idea of opening up a premises with an expansion of other healing methods to be able to reach out to more people. Two years after beginning this divine journey from the spare room in her home, Chrissy now has The Happy Healing Realm in Tea Tree Gully were her weekly meditation classes are so popular she now has a waiting list for new attendees. More workshops were created and she expanded into Crystal Healings as well as providing 100% Pure Certified Organic oils, and a large line of holistic and spiritual aids.

At no point has she ever expected anything, she does it for the love of seeing others experiencing the same happiness that she does. Part of her mantra is that “you have to make things work for you”. She sees so many women, much like her old self, who do so much for others but have nothing left for them. Rather than living their lives for themselves, majority of her clients that come through have stories of what they have sacrificed for the good of others. This is loving and compassionate and seems to be inbuilt into most women, but love can only last if it is something that you give yourself also. Chrissy tailors her weekly meditations to what she is feeling her group needs, more self-love, honor or even just acknowledgements of slowing down to appreciate life in itself. Her Crystal healings have also developed, divinely shown by her guides, which incorporate highly sensitive Crystals, indicating and helping to balance what is missing within ourselves.

One of Chrissy’s favorite sayings by self-help author of the New York Times bestseller, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, Dr. Wayne Dyer is, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This most certainly is the case for Chrissy and is something that she continues to live by every day. She enjoys her life and does what makes her happy. By doing this she feels that she is a much better mum, partner and friend and has so much more to give than before. She wants to share this love of life with the world, one person and one day at a time.

Most of us have known someone that suffers from mental illness, often not understanding what they are going through. It is a real disease and it can be a real problem. It is estimated that in Australia, around 45% of people will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives. The rate of anxiety and depression are continuing to grow, effecting more women than men in this country. Statistics from BeyondBlue show that one in three women will experience anxiety and one in five women, depression. It is not known what the actual cause of these illnesses are, but contributing factors be it social, environmental or relationships can all play important roles both good and bad.

Chrissy considers herself to be very lucky, her life could have gone in a very different direction if she had let depression win. Her life now continues to shine, because she lets it.

“Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, be kind to yourself, always.”

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